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Some Highlander/Highland Lynx cats have  polydactyl feet(extra toes).  They have a dog-like personality(they will come when you call them, they will beg for food, they even play fetch, they can be leash trained & even toilet trained).
They are very intelligent and very active.   They are very muscular and their back legs are longer than their front legs...The average weight of a Highland Lynx is 20-25 lbs for a male and females 10-17 lbs. They dont reach full maturity until the age of 3 yrs.   
Timberline Cattery is responsible for the development of the breed having the first litter of kittens in July 1995.  

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All Cats/Kittens are registered w/TICA/REFR
All our dogs are champion bred  
UKC & ABKC  American Bullies
The Highlander/Highland  Lynx was developed to reflect the look of a Bobcat.  To create this look, an east coast breeder bred what was then called a Desert Lynx, another breed that resembles a wild cat,  to a Jungle Curl.  These Jungle Curls were polydactyl cats that also carried the dominant curl gene in their ears.  These cats are believed to have developed a different or at least a spontaneous curl mutation on their own, just as the curled cats that were discovered in Canada in the 1950's.  According to original documentation, different breeds including domestic shorthairs were used to create the Desert and Highland Lynx.  Though there have been claims of wild/domestic hybridization being used, there are no documented fertility issues in any of these cats.

Welcome to Rottins a World Renowned Cattery & Kennel with animals in over 45 states & 5 countries.  We take pride in raising outstanding highlander/ highland lynx cats, American Bully Dogs & soon to be F1 Savannah Cats.  We are a family owned cattery & kennel.   We have been breeding these incredible animals for more than a decade now.   We strive for nothing but the best in our lines.  
All of our animals make wonderful family pets but some make very nice breeders. They are very socialized before going to new homes.  They are raised underfoot with children. Picture to the left  is Midnight one of our kittens with her new mommy.   

All kittens & puppies come with 1st shots, worming & health guarantee.  
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Deposits & any payments made towards the purchase of the kitten/puppy are non refundable unless we are unable to produce the kitten/puppy deposit was placed on.  
Travel arrangements are available but are not included in the price.  The kitten/puppy must be paid in full 7 days prior to transportation.  
If Puppy/Kitten is not picked up within 72 hours of agreed upon date of Pickup You will be considered a no call/no show and the puppy/kitten will then be resold  & all money paid towards that puppy/kitten will be nonrefundable.  
We are now accepting CashApp, Paypal, Western Union or Walmart to Walmart for deposits & payments

RIP Satan....our 11 yr old Rottweiler that was the start of Rottins. You were the best guard dog and loyal companion any family could ever ask for. Thank you for sharing your life with us. We will always love and miss you. See you over the Rainbow Bridge Big Dog.  Dec.10, 2003-Sept.2, 2014
I am the 1st breeder to produce the Ticked Highlander/Highland Lynx & also the 1st to produce the blue ticked & also the seal ticked Highlander.  
I have cats in 5 countries including the 1st one in Japan & also to be win ribbons in 1st show in Japan & the 1st breeding pair in Russia.  I have also been in 3 magazines including 2 times in the Cat Fancy Magazine....once in 2013 and 2015 & I was also in the Cats USA magazine.  
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