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Now taking deposits.  I accept CashApp, Paypal, Monegram or walmart to walmart
Booberry & BamBam Kittens 
Born Sept. 30th.    
Only 1 girl left
1b....Brown Spotted Tabby Female w/straight ears, 4 polydactyl feet & natural short tail.  I am available
2b....Brown Spotted Tabby Female w/curled ears, 3 polydactyl feet & natural short tail.  Sold
Hykari & Frosty's Kitten.  Born Oct.21st.  
1H....Seal Lynx Point Male w/curled ears, 4 polydactyl feet & docked tail.  Sold I will be living in FL
Zippity & Frosty had kittens on Nov.27th.  Check Back for Pics
Now Taking Deposits