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This is Rottins Hades....He is a rare mink ticked male.  He has curled ears, poly feet & natural short tail.  His parents are Timberline's Rabbit & Spunkyboo Savvvanah of the world.  I am for sale as a pet or breeder.  Email for Pricing
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[email protected]

Sneek Peak of our newest stud for Rottins Cattery....
This is Rottins Frosty the SnowMan.  
He is a beautiful seal lynx point  with curled ears, poly feet & natural short tail.  
Meet  WildnWonderFul BamBam.  He is a super sweet brown spotted tabby male with curled ears, polydactyl feet & natural short tail.

Meet our Future stud.....HissingLynx Typhon....He is a rare blue ticked tabby with tight curled ears, huge polydactyl feet & natural short tail.  He will be our new breeder for 2019.  Cant wait to see his babies.